What do you use to create your cover?

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    James Rover

    My granddaughter told me about Canva.com. She is a teacher and she says it really helps her and it is easy to use. I will be working on a cover for a naughty book I wrote. LOL Yep I am a DOM… A Dirty Old Man!

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    Crystal Teans

    I have used Canva before it is SUPER easy to use. It is free too. I like that you can save something and then go back and fix it later. I have never thought about using it for book covers. I have used it for the websites that I create. I think that it makes things seem neat and I can see where it would be a good idea for book covers.

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    Gemma Jadra

    I can see using something like MS Publisher, if you’re doing a simple layout. I’ve used it for other things like business cards and flyers and it’s super easy to use.

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    I used Photoshop for mine, but I use PS for just about everything I do. For better or for worse, lol.

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      I really need to lukewarm how to do Photoshop! I think things would look so professional if I did.

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