What do you include on a cover?

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    Queen Blu

    Publishing company???

    I never knew there were so many things to think about with writing a book!

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    If you self-publish, I don’t think you have to have the publisher on the book. If you use a vanity press, I think you do, but they’ll probably give you guidelines for them. If you use a big house publisher, they’re probably going to take care of cover design for you.

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    If you have a hard copy of your book, you’ll want a spine, a place for your bar code/ISBN, an ‘about the author’, section and a synopsis spot.

    The width of the spine is going to depend on a billion things; number of pages, the type of paper used, etc. You’re best off getting that info from your publisher.

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      Gina McGreggor

      It is so cool how much info you have to share! Thank you so much for creating this site. I feel like many people are going to have success with the things that they learn on here. I think that people will want to be part of something that is so positive and so helpful. I love how there is no drama here on the site!

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    Queen Blu

    Thank you so much you guys. I have been working on my cover. I want to write erotic stories about women of color. I know there is like no erotica for us.

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