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    Alex Bluknick

    I find that when I am out there and I can’t think that I need to take a walk. I like to listen to a recording of myself reading my book so I can pick up where I left off. I think that this is something that I find really helpful. I think that it is a good thing for me as well because it helps me exercise when I have a hard time finding the time to do that through the day since I try to write so much.

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    Crystal Teans

    I sometimes write on my back porch. I love the view and it makes me feel relaxed and it is easy to write. I think that being in nature really helps the writing process.

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      Alex Bluknick

      I see how being in nature can be a big benefit to writing. The sun and the warm air. I live in Florida so I like writing outside too!

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    I’m in Phoenix. You can only go for walks like 3 months it if the year lol

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