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    Gina McGreggor

    I know that there is a chance that someone has used this. Did you find that it was a good place to put your book?

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    Okay so first I had to get a profile with B&N then they put a red line up that said

    Your vendor registration is incomplete. To sell a book you must be a verified vendor. Complete Vendor Registration

    the “complete vendor registration” was a clickable link.

    This form wanted information about my tax ID and my company type.

    Barnes & Noble Press requires all U.S. publishers, including non-profit or tax-exempt organizations, to provide their U.S. taxpayer identification number. If you provide Barnes & Noble Press with your valid taxpayer identification information, tax withholding will not be deducted from your royalties. If the tax identity you provide us does not match IRS records, you may be subject to payment holds or U.S. tax withholding of up to 30%.

    The first thing that they had me do was fill out an I9.

    For detailed instructions on how to complete Form W-9, please click on the link below:

    They wanted banking information

    This is where you’ll receive payment for sales of your book. If you want to update your account at any time, please do so by 5 p.m. EST on the 19th of the month for the updates to be reflected in that month’s payment.

    So now my vendor account is in pending status and nothing can be changed until it is approved. I will let you know how things turn out!

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    B&N sent me two messages. One said that I needed to do an update on my form.

    The other said I gave them bank information

    today I woke up to a $.01 deposit from them.
    I know this is the beginning of waking up to deposits from them!

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