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    Are you a role player? If so, do you have an original character? Feel free to talk about them here! Do you strictly intend to role play with your original character(s), or will you be writing a story for them that you intend to publish?

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    Queen Blu

    I have no idea what you mean role playing? Does that help write a book? Where do you role play?

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    James Rover

    I have always wondered this same thing!

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    Gemma Jadra

    Role playing is a type of writer where each person writes the words and actions of a particular character, while another writer(s) play additional characters. I prefer to call it interactive fiction, lol.

    Frequently people who role play are playing characters they did not create, so OCs are kind of a big deal and don’t get as much love as fandom characters.

    Twitter and Tumblr are popular spots for role play.

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    Thanks for taking care of those questions, Gemma!

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