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    1. Was it easy to use?
    2. Do you have any tips for new publishers?
    3. Have you seen any sales on Google Play?
    4. Would you put more work up with Google Play?

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    I like Google Play so I decided to sign up there.

    I got this message:

    We’re currently accepting a limited number of new publishers to the Google Play Books Partner Program. You may express interest in joining the program through our online interest form.

    I just wanted to let you guys know. I will tell you what is on the online interest form. My book is an adult book. My book is found on and I am not sure if they will publish it. I am glad you guys are around for encouragement. I love working with all of you and I am glad to see I am not the only one putting time into this.

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    Okay so I clicked on the link .

    1. Note: Selling on Google Play Books is limited to publishers located in supported countries. If your country isn’t supported for “seller sign-ups”,  check back later, as we may allow publishers in your country to sell books on Google Play in the future.

    2. it asks you To ensure we process your request as quickly as possible, please provide an email address that is registered with Google. A Google-registered email is required to sell on Google Play Books.

    3. Name of your publishing entity- I put self

    4. Website. I put

    5. How many books do you plan to offer through Google Play Books? – I put 1 at this time

    6. What type of publisher are you? – I chose self publisher.

    Once you submit this form, Google will contact you when an opportunity to join the program becomes available.

    Then I hit submit! I will let you know when they get back to me.

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