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    Sally Jade

    What is your favorite good habit to give a character? Do you give your “bad guy” good habits?

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    James Rover

    pays taxes
    tips well
    kind to animals
    works out
    pushes chairs in
    crosses at the cross walk
    sends birthday cards

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    Alex Bluknick

    On time

    Doesn’t swear

    no drinking

    returns shopping carts

    does yoga

    likes little kids ( like a good teacher)

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    Sally Jade
    • sends birthday wishes
    • remembers your name
    • remembers your favorites
    • good gift giver
    • plans great dates
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    Lola XXX
    1. does not light firecrackers after 10 PM
    2. has a dog
    3. has a cat
    4. has any kind of pet
    5. rescues animals
    6. stops traffic to let ducks cross
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      OMG, Lola, that’s hilarious!

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